Acoustic Emission Transducers

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DAKEL AE sensors of passive type (without integrated preamplifier with band-pass characteristics) have generaly a resonant transmission characteristics. Local minima and maxima which exist in the broad frequency spectrum of a transducer are bound to the type of transducer casing and geometry and dimensions of used piezoelement. Lower boundary of the transmission characteristics is approximately 10 kHz, due to the application of (capacitive) coupling for elimination of pyroelectric effect. DAKEL sensors can be used up to frequencies of 2.8 MHz. For frequencies above 1 MHz the transmission characteristic is influenced by the parameters of the used coaxial cable.

"Relative comarative REF05 characteristics" obtained by exciting in the pulser-sensor system are displayed for individual transduced models. Transducer REF05 is used as actuator during all measurements. Exciting is provided by a sinus signal of 1 VRMS. Acquisition is performed by the DAKEL-XEDO system with input amplifier working in the range of 80 kHz to 750 kHz.

Sensor division according to sensing signal frequency range: Division of AE sensors according to integrated electronics: Sensor division according to operational temperatures: Sensor division according to the mechanical endurance of sensor casing and the sealing degree: Sensor division according to the coupling to the measured object: Sensor division according to the contact surface material: Sensor division according to the type of used piezoceramics:
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