Acoustic Emission Sensor

model MTR-15 / MTPA-15

Advantage >>> full metal case, low noise, very durable sensor for industrial use, internal preamplifier and internal mode switch passive (sensor)Xactive (exciter)

MTR-15 Diameter 22 mm, height 52 mm
Case Material Nickel coated steel
Front Plate Nickel coated steel membrane
diameter 18 mm
Output BNC connector
Piezoceramic Material PZT class 200
Temperature Range MTPA15: -20°C až +65°C
MTR15: -20°C až +150°C
Recomended Applications Industrial using

If a coaxial cable is longer than 2 m
an external coaxial impedance converter & preamplifier must be used

Sensor contains internal impedance converter & preamplifier cca 35 dB

Mounting Methods Magnetic hoder, Glued-hold,
flange-holder, waveguide
MTR-15 - frekvenční charakteristika
Relative comparative frequency response REF05 (AE sensor with PZT class 200 piezoceramic)


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