Acoustic Emission Sensor

model IDK-09 axial

Advantage >>> small sensor & exciter, axial coaxial output, insulated case

IDK-09 IDK-09 Dimensions Diameter 9 mm, height 10.5 mm
Case Material Stainless steel
Face Plate Ceramic
diameter 6mm
Output Coaxial cable diameter 1.7 mm
BNC connector
Piezoceramic material PZT class 200
Temperature range -20°C až +75°C
Recomended Applications Laboratory using on small objects
Preamplifier If a coaxial cable is longer than 2 m
an external coaxial impedance converter & preamplifier must be used
Mounting Methods magnetic or mechanical holder
IDK-09 - frekvenční charakteristika
Relative comparative frequency response REF05 (AE sensor with PZT class 200piezoceramic)


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