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Analyzátor ZEDO22 DAKEL-ZEDO is a modern and powerful Acoustic Emission (AE) Measurement System. This system can be used in wide spectrum applications of AE method as well as material crack detection and crack localization, erosion or corrosion detection, fluid leakage, technological processes monitoring, etc. ZEDO is produced either in modular version ZEDO-BOX or in compact version ZEDO-22.

Analyzátor ZEDO Both versions of ZEDO analyzers can be connected to pessonal computer via 1 Gbps ethernet network for building 2-channel to several hundreds-channel masurement system. Modular version ZEDO can communicate also via 10 Gbps network (option). Basic element of system is input card ZEDO-AE, which consists of 2 input AE channels and 1 auxiliary channel for reading of aditional parameter (temperature, stress, pressure, etc.). Software ZEDO-Daemon provides AE Measuring System control, data acquisition, communication between AE System and computer, data visualization, storage onto hard disk and data processing. Thanks to standard communication interface (Ethernet) is possible easy to build huge measuring systems.

System Description

Compact version ZEDO-22 contains 1 input card ZEDO-AE with 2 AE channels and 1 auxiliary channel. Modular version ZEDO-BOX can contain 1 to 16 input cards ZEDO-AE or 1 to 15 input cards and 1 card ZEDO-P (pulser). Modul ZEDO-BOX is produced in the desk-top version or in the 19" rack mount version. Measuring system can be located in one place (e.g. rack) or can be distributed on large area. Connecting network cables can be up to 100 metres long (metalic cables) or several kilometres (optical cables). Time synchronization in large measuring systems is ±50 ns between any channels in system or ±1 ns betwen channels in one unit. Precise time synchronization ±50 ns between channels in different units in system (racks or compact boxes) is provided by metalic Time-Synchronization Cable.


ZEDO-AE card provides acoustic signal processing. Contains 2 independent AE inputs and 1 input for auxiliary signal on the front panel. The auxiliary channel in ZEDO-AE provides low-frequendy signal (DC to 10 kHz) acquisition. Galvanic isolation of all input channels minimizes ground loops and interferences on input signals. Gain of all input amplifiers are software adjustable. Input signals are digitized in 16-bit A/D conveters and processed in powerful microcomputer module. This module contains 2-core microprocessor, 1 GByte memory, input/output interfaces and FPGA logic block for fast signal processing (low-pass and high-pass digital filters, hardware AE hit detectors, etc.).

ZEDO-AE card is designed on 160 x 100 mm printed circuit board (standard EUROcard), which is basic element of ZEDO AE Measurement System.

Blokové schema ZEDO-AE
Figure: Block schematics of ZEDO-AE Card.

ZEDO-AE Card Technical Specification
Number of input channels: 2 for AE signal, galvanically isolated
1 for AUX signal, galvanically isolated
AE input amplifiers: Gain 0 dB to +70 dB software adjustable in 1 dB steps
Each input can directly power an external
pre-amplifier with 32 or 45 dB gain.
Dakel also offers these pre-amps as an accessory
AE channels: Frequency bandwith 30 kHz to 2 MHz (full bandwith).
14 values of digital low pass filters and 14 values of
digital high pass filters are available. All filters are
software selectable.
AE channels: Max. input voltage: 10 Vpp at internal gain 0 dB
AE channels: System noise:
Measured according to EN13477-2
2.5 µVpk, 1 µVrms (at internal gain 70 dB, 30-
1500 kHz bandwith) with ext. preamplifier AS42
(1.5 µVpk, 0.5 µVrms (at internal gain 70 dB, 100-
350 kHz filter) with ext. preamplifier AS42
AE channels: External pre-amp power 12 V/820 Ω or 24 V/50 Ω, or power off
(Ri=10 kΩ software selectable
AE channels: Sampling frequency 10, 8, 5, 4, 2 or 1 Msps, software selectable
AE channels: Sampling resolution 16 bits
AE channels: Sampling ability Continual and triggered sampling and signal storage
Data memory 500 MB / AE channel on-board each unit
Trigger models for each channel - threshold
- hit start on any of the three available hit detectors
- trigger from any other channel within the unit
- trigger from any other channel in the system
- timeout
System time resolution 1 ns
Time synchronization - ±1 ns between channels in unit
- ±50 ns between other channels in system
Aditional hardware detected AE
parameters per AE channel
- RMS (Root Mean Square)
- ASL (Average Signal Level)
- Max. Signal Value
- Count (16+2 thresholds available)
AE hit detectors per channel 3 independent detectors available
AUX channel: Input voltage range ±1 V or ±10 V, software selectable
AUX channel: Input impedance 10 kΩ
AUX channel: Sampling frequency 1 Hz to 10 kHz, software selectable
AUX channel: A/D converter resolution 16 bits
AUX channel: Frequency bandwith DC to 1 kHz
ZEDO-22 power From power adaptor 12 VDC/2.5 A or from battery
(power consumption 12 V/0.5 A)
ZEDO-22 dimensions 225 x 105 x 55 mm
ZEDO-22 weight 0.9 kg without the power adaptor or battery
ZEDO-BOX (30 channels) power 100 to 242 VAC, 150 W, 40 to 400 Hz
ZEDO-BOX dimensions 445 x 176 x 400 mm module for 19" rack
ZEDO-BOX (30 channels) weight 7 kg

Compact AE Measurement System ZEDO-22 and Modular ZEDO-BOX System are certified according to EMC Standards EN 55032, EN 55024 and EN 61000 for domestic enviroment as well as industrial enviroment.


Intuitive and easy-to-use control software runs under 64-bit operating system Windows 7 or newer.

Software ZEDO

There are basic subsystems of control software:


System ZEDO was developped with support of Czech MPO ministry, project FR-TI4/602


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