Modular System DAKEL-XEDO©

Analyzátor XEDO Universal measurement and diagnostic system DAKEL-XEDO© was developed by ZD Rpety-Dakel company. Dakel's products have been seccesfuly used in nuclear power plants Mochovce and Jaslovske Bohunice (Slovak Republic) for more than 12 years. System XEDO was developed mainly for industrial applications but is used also in laboratory tests (Brno University of Technology, Aeronautical Research and Test Institute Prague, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic).

Examples of using

System description

Analyzátor XEDO XEDO is modular system. One communication card and up to 15 various input cards can be located in a metal box. Communication between cards within a box is realized by hi-speed bus. Each box is connected to control computer (computers) via Ethernet. Configuration of all units is automaticaly recognized after system switching (plug & play). Timebases of all input units in system are synchronized via Ethernet and hi-speed bus with 1 µs accuracy.
All parameters of input cards can be setted from computer and central reset for all boxes can be transmitted.

These types of XEDO units are available:


Each unit of XEDO system contains high-performance 16-bit Digital Signal Procesor (DSP). Software for DSP is stored in ROM memory on Printed Circuit Board (PCB) of unit. Even though ROM memory is a part of hardware, its content will be updated with the other software in system.
Control software for PC alows configuration setting and measurement with connected XEDO. Program is common for all kinds of units, which are existing and will exist. Software runs under OS Windows with standard drivers and with Sockets 2 extension.

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