Impedance converters and preamplifiers

Preamplifiers DAKEL are produced using hybrid technology - surface mounting and thin film components on on ceramic substrate, dimesions 7 by 7 milimetres.

Osazená deska zesilovače Preamplifiers are intended for signal amplifying and for adapting of high sensor impedance to low device impedance. If a coaxial cable is longer than 2 m impedance converter & preamplifier must be used.

External amplifier is powered from input of evaluating device via coaxial cable, if DAKEL-XEDO or DAKEL-IPL is used.

Technical parameters:

Gain: cca 35 dB - see diagram
Input impedance: 150 kOhms || 14 pF
Power Voltage: 12VDC to 35VDC
Mode of Power Feeding: via output coaxial cable
Current Consumption: cca 6 mA@12V, cca 7 mA@35V
Temperature Range: -20°C to +85°C
Input: BNC female
Output: BNC female or BNC male

Typical gain vs. frequency and power voltage:

přenosové charakteristiky zesilovače

Preamplifiers - external construction:

BNC female - BNC female

BNC female - BNC male

Miniature preamplifier with SMA connector is also available for a special order.

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